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Ma Module Assignment - Reflective Account Of Induction Year


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I've just finished my NQT year and have decided to build on my Masters credits I received from my PGCE by completing a 20 credit module called 'Beginning a Career in Teaching'.


For this module I just need to submit my CEPD portfolio and a 2,500 assignment reflecting on my induction year.


The assignment has been set out into sections, with word limits for each part. For the first 900 or so words, I am to describe challenges, about 3 or 4 - it doesn't imply that aspects in this section need to be supported with evidence. In the next section, I need to describe 3 aspects of pedagogy, which have influenced or enhanced my understanding of effective teaching and learning & how this aspect has improved my understanding, teaching and pupils' learning. For this section relevant and recent educational theory is required to back up my writing and they suggest I should write about 450 words on each aspect.


I am certain of the areas I will discuss for the challenges section (plenty faced this year), but am unsure about the pedagogy aspects. The suggested areas are quite wide and as I am an Early years teacher, I would like to focus on early years pedagogy but am struggling to find decent & relevant research - a day on searching on the uni's library catalogue proved somewhat frustrating as either they seem to have limited early years based research or articles I found that seemed promising are not available on line nor in the library (even that would not be a good option as I live quite far from the uni campuses - I work in Staffordshire but they have a partnership with Edge Hill uni in Lancashire) - not sure if I'm choosing the wrong search terms but exhausted many possibilities!


For the pedagogical aspects, I would potentially like to look at importance of play/learning through play, observational assessment and maybe either enabling environments, parent partnerships or behavioural management. As I only have about 450 words, I was thinking about 5 articles for each area? Any ideas re potential sources of research would be gratefully received and as to whether you think the areas are suitable. My brain is so overloaded with aspects at mo after a hectic year and the joys of house buying, I can’t seem to think straight!!!


Many thanks in anticipation for your help,



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Thanks for your replies!


I came across the article yesterday regarding effective pedagogy Mundia on one of my searches - will attempt to read it later today! I started to read some articles yesterday and have found some useful info but do wish sometimes researchers would write in a more simple language!


Maz, I am doing the Masters module through Edge Hill university as if you work in Staffordshire you can gain 60 credits for free, which is a great incentive.


Ideally I would have waited a bit before embarking on my masters to take a bit of a break from studying and to allow me to truly get into my teaching career but the 60 credits I gained from my PGCE will apparently be taken away after 5 years but if I gain 120 credits I will effectively gain a Postgraduate Diploma and these 120 credits will not been taken away, thereby giving me more time in needed to complete my masters. I am reaching the age when I would like to have children in the next few years so would like to get the next batch of 60 credits before then then have the time to focus MA at a later date.


I feel a bit more confident about the direction this assignment is taking but it woudl be lovely just to get it done so I can relax a bit and enjoy some time out over this summer break!



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