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Does anyone have a job spec for a pre-school assistant they would be willing to share... i thought i had seen one on the forum but can only find one for EYP... Thanks

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I'm sure I found one here a while ago and tweaked it a bit to suit my setting as we had to submit our own job descriptions for the committee before they made a decision on a pay rise. Will see if I can dig it out later. Computer not co-operating this morning - kids have been messing with settings AGAIN.

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ours is

position - practitioner

responsible to - line manager and management committee

purpose of job - to work as a key person and as part of the pre-school team under the direction of the pre-school leader , to provide safe,high quality education and care for young children. to maintain a stimulating and enjoyable environment.


main duties

to help set up the room for the daily programme before the session , signing the health and safety sheet, and to tidy away at the end of the session, ensuring all resources and equipment are clean and safe at all times.

to complete unique child booklet, observation records and next steps for each keychild on a regualr basis

to implement and carry out group plans/ activities which should cover next steps for keyperson children

to meet with parents of keychildren on a regular basis

to advise lead practitioners of any concerns eg over children, child protection,parents/carers,or the safety of equipment ,preserving confidentiality as necessary

to be aware of any special needs a child may have and to familiarise oneself with relevant play and learning plans.

to teach children offering an appropriate level of support and stimulation

to attend in-service training courses and staff meetings as required.

to complete completely confidential any information regarding the children,their families,management committee members or other staff which is learned as aprt of the job.

to keep up to date with current good practice

to undertake any other reasonable duties as directed by the lead practitioners and or chair of amnagemnt committee in accordance with the pre-school policies and procedures

nb - this post is exempt from the rehabilitation of offenders act 1974. applicants must be proepared to disclose any convictions they have and any orders which have been made against them.


hope thats a help x

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Thanks Kaitun, this is what we call our Deputy Leader and it's good to see that we are working in the same way, as in pretty much the same as the practioner role but with responsibilities of the manager in absence.


Could i just point out that you may well have a mix up on one of the points, unless I'm reading it wrong



Children's Practioner role point 26 To support the nursery manager...........

however you don't have this in the Senior practioner role


should this be the other way round, and be in the Senior practioner spec?


Other than that I love them and will be tweeking ours a little if you don't mind me pinching?

I am still trying to work out the Leaders one for our setting as I have used the PLA ones in the past but they don't seem quite as indepth as yours. Are you a pre-school/playgroup setting?

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