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Hi. Can anyone help? I've been updating our policies and have bought the pre-school learning alliance ones which are very good. I previously used there's before and just added bits in, but now it looks to have totally changed where they're set out under each of the areas of the welfare requirements.

Will it matter if i don't have them under these areas as long as i cover all of the policies? Was thinking of putting an action plan together to show that we intend on re-arranging this.


I've just got so much to do, that i don't know whether i'll be able to manage this as well.

Am currently re-arranging and re-typing a lot of my operational plan and we're going through the SEF form which by the way is also pretty lengthy. We should be due an inspection next month which i am absolutely dreading!! I feel that the nursery is doing really well, it's just all this paperwork that i'm getting bogged down with. Doesn't help when i can't get out of the nursery which i should be able to do, but there always seems to be something - hols etc.


Any advice would be really welcomed, as i don't fancy getting pulled up by ofsted.





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I think that so long as you have everything covered in your policies and procedures, it doesn't matter whether you have them laid out like those ones, I know childminders that have received outstandings with theirs laid out conventionally, and others who have them laid out under The Outcomes, or EYFS welfare requirments.


I think you are right, if you think you would like to do this at a later date, you can put it in your SEF as an action. But at the end of the day, there is no set way so long as all the info is included and your Mrs O likes it that way!



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I really like the way the PLA policies are laid out - and the fact that you can download them makes it easy to amend them and tweak them to make sure they're appropriate for your group.


As clare78baby says, I don't think it matters so much what your policies look like or how you organise them, so long as you have the policies the EYFS says you must, together with any others you feel are necessary and important (oh and that they are fit for purpose, reviewed every year etc!).


Good luck Debs - such a lot to do isn't there?



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Thanks for advice everyone. :o

Have had my head in my SEF form most of the afternoon. It's so time consuming isn't it? Am feeling pretty shattered!

Do intend on doing my policies pretty much like the PLA ones as they do look pretty good.

Think you're probably right that i won't get penialised for not having them under the areas as long as i cover all that i should do.


I need a life!!!


Cheers, Debs

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