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Service Level Agreement?


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We are sharing our provision with another group whose standards ( put politely) don't match ours.

I need to have some sort of agreement whicch we can both sign regarding the upkeep of areas ( sort of thing)


Does anyone have anything I can look at so I at least now where to start?


We want to make it polite and friendly, but get the message across.


thanks in anticipation.

Sunshine :o

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Who is the landlord? Can you get them involved in agreeing who does what and to what standards?


I can't offer anything in the way of a policy or template I'm afraid - but I know how frustrating it is when 'they' leave their washing up in the sink hoping we'll do it, or don't sweep up after themselves so I have to before I can set up.


We have a communication book now where we can record these things so the caretaker can follow things up and make sure people are aware of what they are supposed to be doing - whether regular hirers or just those having a party at the weekend!


Good luck - hopefully someone here will be in a similar position to you and will offer something more helpful!



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do you own the building - or do you both lease from a landlord ?

i agree if its leased then you need to have a word with the landlord and discuss your concerns

- have you discussed them with the other group and what was their response ?

what are they doing that concerns you ?


if its your building -are they renting it from you ? did you have a lease agreement ? if you did ,does it cover any of the areas of concern you have ?


are they cleaning schedules , shutdown proceedures in place -who does what etc ?

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know that feeling well, and even the hall owners were not much help to us when we constantly complained... I was lucky as they were next door and I used to pull them out at 8am to look at the mess!! we had several different groups using the hall evenings and weekends, and did manage to get several removed because of this, think they got sick of us complining so trhew them out!


they did eventually adopt something which they sent to other groups in a hall agreement, I have it on other Pc I think as I wrote it! I will look later. but cannot promise anything, may have deleted it when I left!


It was along the lines of 'a hall agreement' whereby they all agreed to clean after use, listing areas to be cleaned as they often left things like toilet areas untouched.. and one group was appalled that they had to do it!


using phrases like 'leave it as you would like to find it' had no effect as they did not worry how they found it!


we had no hall cleaner so hired one ourselves or paid staff to do it.. and when they tried to increase our rent we told them fine if they paid for the cleaning which we did for everyone else... they gave up as the cost of that was more than the increase.



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Thanks for the useful replies.


Wee will have a meeting with the other users and come up with some agreements. its so frustrating when others don't have similar standards to you - but thats life and we'll just have to work around it.


We'll use suggestions of cleaning expectations and communications book + others -- thanks everyone!


Sunshine :o

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