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As we are in working all through the Summer, I was wondering if anyone could share any simple creative ideas with me.



We are a daycare setting (for children 6 - 50 months)and would love to do more collaborative creative stuff with the messsage being that:

' It is the process which is important and not the end product' ( hopefully getting away from the awful photocopied and coloured stuff!)


Love to hear of any ideas.




Sunshine :o

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i did a messy play session with a group yesterday.

we set up shaving foam, gloop, water play. i provided large pieces of paper for sticking and i put very large paper on the floor which the children loved hand and foot printing.

was fab.

lots of opportunity to talk to the parents about the experience children are having.

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Can I suggest a book?


Creative children, imaginative teaching by Florence Beetlestone


Just reminds us of how far reaching creative learning is, lest we forget it is a format for expressing ideas and feelings using a range of ways not just painting, sticking etc. but also crosses over into role play, music and gardening etc etc.



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what about a large whole group creation im thinking something like either a big sheet of paper and paint /collage materials, or a large group model made from recycled materials, or if your enjoying the outdoors a decorated tree branch, anything really as long as the children are joining in with the activity and there is not clear finished product to aim for, while the children are engrossed and contributing to the creation take lots of photos of the children "doing"


when the creation is ended (whatever it is) print up the photos and stick them all over the creation so that the creation becomes the holder/background to the photos the children can look at the photos and tell parents about what they did and parents can see how engrossed the children are in the photos. as well as adding photos you could add short sentences of things the children may have said while they where working on their creation. if the children are too young then maybe add words that staff may have said to model language during play so that parents can see that the children are learning through the process


I know what im thinking but I dont know if Ive explained it very well!??!

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