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I work in a sessional pack away pre-school and one of areas we want to develop next term is the entrance area for parents. Currently we have a parents board in the pre-school which we are allowed to keep up but in the entrance there is a folder of information and a message board that go away at the end. Has anybody got any suggestions for what we can do to make it more interactive/parent friendly and so parents actually look at the information.


I have thought about getting some kind of display board to display information, any suggestions where we can buy these?? They have to be fairly light as they will have to go away at the end of the session.


Also i want to put some helpful leaflets out about a range of helpful topics biting etc. etc. has anyone got any suggestions for what kind of things your setting puts out??


Thanks for your help.


samfrostie :o

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Hi...I am too part of a pack away setting..pain hey?


We have a huge display board on wheels in the entrance area which has all staff photos, daily news, term dates, newsletters etc. I think we got it from Galt or NES Arnold.

We have an A4 ringbinder with loads of info sheets for parents..with an alphabetical index at the front...this includes: all childhoood illnesses, behaviour advice inc biting and smacking, local parks, play areas, local childminder info, primary school prospectus, funding info...loads .

Hope this is of some help to you.x

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you can get tabletop display boards that fold up, but it depends on how much you have to spend really ! if you have someone who is a bit 'handy' they may be able to make something similar with 3 cork noticeboards hinged together ?

we have a really small entrance area and use ringbinders with all the useful info for parents, another for photos and newsletters etc.

how about some sort of 'sandwich board'

have a look on ebay under Trade Show Displays/ Stands , there are a few things which you may get some inspiration from

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What about an old easel covered in brightly coloured material. We use one for picture card registration,

its sturdy enough not to topple over and easy to collapse and store at the end of the day. If you need a bigger area to display

information you could buy sturdy cardboard display boards. i got a set of 4 brightly coloured boards for about £28 from S&S services! Very light and easy to move around each day.


dottyp :o

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we're a pack away group too


on our welcome desk we have folders with policies, eyfs info, helpful info for parents, photo album, comment book, display board with Ofsted Cert, mission statement, notices, list of key groups, another notice board with staff names and photos


if money is tight I would suggest two large cork notice boards from wilkos and join them together with a hinge (piano hinges are best they are long and thin)


alternatively you can buy three fold cardboard displays search the galt/hope catalogues but once you have seen it if you have a large box you could make your own for free!

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