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i was wondering if any one could help in my company we do yearly proformance views but at the moment we do not do supervision, which i think would be very benifical to us as staff need constant praise and support to strive.


would any one have examples of what they use to keep a record of these supervisions?



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Have you tried a forum search, dizzy daisy? I'm sure someone uploaded their supervision contract/policy some time ago. Might be worth a look in resources too!



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I can see from this that a few of you have staff supervisions in place...can anyone share how often they take place for each staff member, who does them ( e.g. does leader do all..or is it shared with other senior staff / committee?), when do they take place (in or out of session?), are they paid for?....


I have just requested that I be able to do one supervision per month for each staff member and had it absolutely turned down (in spite of committee feelings that staff need more 'managing'...which I thought this would help to achieve..) as they feel its not necessary, staff can just come talk to me after a session or we can 'do it in a staff meeting'...which is already paid for. So feeling a bit let down as im trying to improve things and was already in the process of setting these up (I had already mentioned wanting to do so at my appraisal and got good vibes on it) - I had contracts and everything ready...now on hold.


Just wanted an idea really of what others do, any alternatives, and whether the process is felt to be really beneficial do staff value the time or resent it?


I feel the investment would pay off and that it'd encourage more open feedback to support developing the setting as a whole as well as individuals.

Does anyone know of any literature that'd be good to help me convince committee its not just a moaning and griping session ?!

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Must be something in the air!

My development worker from the PLA came last week and she also told me I should be doing 1/2 termly supervision meetings as at the moment we only have the yearly appraisal and a 6 month review.


I'm not quite sure on what to talk about every 1/2 term, to be honest, as we try to solve most problems at our weekly staff meeting and staff come to me as and when they have any problems arise if it's something that they don't want to bring up in the meeting. Also the timing issue as mentioned above is an issue during work it means time away from children after work is not paid.


My development worker is meant to be sending me a format so will post when I receive it.

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Hi all


I worked for a large nursery chain up unitl July this year. I was an Assistant Mananger and my role was to do all the one to one and supervisions.


All staff got a week, three, twelve probationary review. If this was passed all staff were then given a one to one every one/two months and a supervision every three months. All the information gatherd would then form part of the yearly appraiasl.


I found these really good as staff and myself could be honest about performance, any issues, plan training etc.


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