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One of my pre-school children taught us this rather charming Christmas song today. I thought you might find it useful (perhaps for next Christmas at this stage!) if you don’t already know it-at least they will all be familiar with the tune:


Ba ba white sheep

On a winter’s night.

Shepherds watching saw a wondrous sight.

Come said the angel

Follow the star.

Find baby Jesus

It’s not very far.

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Is the book you have, called Nursery Rhyme Nativities by Brian Ogden? I've got that - or is it another one. I'm always interested in song books especially with Christmas songs in. (For next year now as our Christmas Show was yesterday - we all breathe a sigh of relief!!! :) )



Sue J

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We had our nativity play on Thursday. We had 60 very well behaved children and 3 fidgety shepherds, who had to be spread between staff members and angels.

I just couldn't believe the behaviour of the parents. We used the stage in our hall. .At end of play we closed stage curtains by the pulleys and asked parents to queue to collect their child from steps by stage.Staff members were able to collect all tabards, tea towels etc..Children were then being called down individually and marked of in register as they left.

Parents had to be told not to pull, shake curtains open up and not to call take their children and encourage them to jump off the stage.

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