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Ante-natal group


We (Children’s centre and Health Visitor) are holding a monthly ante-natal group in our cluster area, sometime we get 3 people some time no one appears.

Does anyone have any good practice they would like to share?

We have advertised, the Health visitor informs all the mum’s who are about to give birth .etc.

All our other groups have a good attendance and people always say they would have liked a group like this when they were pregnant.

Stumped at what to do next?


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We have a weekly ongoing drop-in with Midwives where you can come along and chat about anything but we also run alongside this a parentcraft group which is more focussed where they come for 3 sessions between 7-9pm and discuss everything about the birth, beast feeding etc. This seems to work well and is always very well attended. This then repeats!


Hope this helps!


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I would have liked to have known beforehand just what we were going to be doing. I didnt need to see a video of a woman in a birthing chair, and a baby who'd been in distress but that wasnt the worst. I stopped going when we had a whole hour on washing or bathing your baby.(actually discovered bored to tears isnt just a saying) The final words of our esteemed midwife/health visitor were 'dont worry if you dont have time to bath your baby everyday the top and tail will do. But what you must do, what you must never forget is...feed your baby'

Never went back. :o

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