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Need Help Please - Transport activity


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hello people. I've got an interview tommorow, and as part of the interview i need to plan and undertake an activity with reception children. the activity topic is transport and holidays. The activity needs to last up to 20-30 minutes. This activity needs to help encourage speaking and listening skills. could sumeone please give me some ideas because I really can't make up my mind on what to do :o

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Here is a link to a topic support article on transport


I see you posted this in the Transport section of the Topic support forum, did you not get any ideas from reading the threads in this section as that was the next place I was going to direct you to.


You can also use the 'search forum posts' feature, you will find it in the blue rectangle nearly at the top of the screen on the right hand corner of the screen. Click on that and then enter your key words, ie train or bus etc and see what it throws up as it might bring up other posts that are in different sub-forums.


Good luck with it all.



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Well one obvious way to combine the two is to talk about flying somewhere for your holidays.


You could take in a suitcase and various items, and talk about what we would pack if it's hot, and what we would need if it's cold.


You could then set up an 'aeroplane' with chairs in rows, and get the children to create a short improvisation with the person sitting next to them.


Or they could do an oral 'postcard' home from somewhere.


Or they could talk about different ways you might travel on your holidays, or create freezeframes to show how they are travelling.


Hope that helps.

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