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Hi Magenta


What about...

Role Play - building site, , builders hard hats, tapemeasures, donkey jackets, wellies, pipes, u-bends etc, tools, wooden bricks, plastic pipes. Put a do not enter sign up. Get the children to design safety at work posters or advertising psoters

Provide plenty of paper to draw 'plans'.

Make your own order forms

Office area - telephone, keyboard, cash register


Sensory area with different building materials for children to touch and make rubbings eg. different sands, bricks, tiles etc

Floating and sinking different materials.

Weighing materials

Testing to see which materials are waterproof


Bob the builder toys for small world play!

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Don't forget your site hut for cups of tea.

Our children love plans.

Add washing up liquid to your sand so it hilds its shape - give then some small real bricks to build with.

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