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International Week 13/07/09


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We have school international week on 13th July!

Reception have been chosen to do France and Spain, Im struggling with ideas.


so far...

1. european food shop, food tasting etc

2. French dance

3. counting to 10 in french and spanish

4. exploring cultural differences eg daily routines

5.Completing the Register in different languages

6. using french/spanish artists eg Renoir/Monet (cant think of any spanish)

7. French/spanish rhymes and songs

8.painting french/spanish flags


Can you think of anything else?


The whole week is going to be linked to these two countries!

I need some child initiated activities linked to this if you can think of any!!



Alison xxx

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Wasn't Salvador Dali spanish?


How about a Franch/Spanish breakfast?


You could invite parents to join you first thing and serve croissants/pain au chocolat and the little cakes they often have in Spain for breakfast. Make cards with a few words or phrases for parents to share with their children as they eat. Then have a look at how a french or spanish child's day may continue in comparison with their own - starting and finishing earlier etc.

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Some of our children like to play with Dora the Explorer jigsaws, books and the characters themselves. There are spanish words in the books and children have learnt to count in spanish by watching the Dora programs on t.v.

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We are also having an International week at school so my reception class are making non- alcoholic Sangria from grape juice/organge juice and lemonade, learning how to flamenco dance, may try to have a 2pm siesta after dinner, having a mock bull fight or Pamplona Bull Running with a child (or teacher) dressed up as a bull! We could throw some tomatoes but that would be a bit messy! We are also using Antoni Gaudi the Spanish architect and designer for our creative stimulus. we are making mosaic style paper plates and painting paper fans. We will probably have a fiesta style carnival celebration with games like pass the Sombrero, pin the tail on the donkey and practice hitting the piñata! Such lovely customs the Spanish :)

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