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Job Description For Designated Person


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My supervisor has to add this now to her job description and before i start the task of inventing one i wondered if anyone had one they could let me see and maybe use?


We are trying to also put tog a booklet for staff to have. What do you think should be included. Things so far we have got


background to law

signs of abuse

policies - safeguarding/professional abuse/whistleblowing


important tel no


I have also put tog a littl "quiz" which we are going to do to show us just exactly how much we know!



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If you have fairly inexperienced staff who have not been on training perhaps you could include some advice on thresholds to help them judge when to take immediate action and when to just make a note of it.

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I assume you have checked but our LA provides a booklet similar to the one you describe, and a quiz actually now I come to think about it! It is not provided through the early years team but from the Safeguarding Children Board. Might be worth asking them if you haven't to save you reinventing the wheel.

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