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Hi everyone,


I am just about to offer a free flow between indoors and outdoors as my TA has been off ill since beofre Easter and is just about to come back -so have been short staffed!!! No matter where I work, I am always stuck with an ill TA!!!


Anyway, am I right in thinking that free flow works by anytime that a child is not completing a focus job with an adult they can choose to do anything they want in or out of the classroom?


and if so, is it just the equipment outide that would be used in PDR?


Look forward to hearing how you all do it.


Just so you know, we have 45 year R children, 2 teachers, 2 TA's and a faily small contained outside area.


Thanks XXX

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I really did: campbells is High/Scope trained and is always banging on... I mean raving about it! :o


Ok, point conceded. I should have concentrated more last term. I do like what I've heard about it as it seems to fit closely with my ethos. Must find out some more when I have time. Perhaps I should go and do that now....

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