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Hi all -

I've updated the Gallery, so now you don't have to post images in your own albums, but can if you wish put them into categories where they will be more easily locateable.


I've set up some initial category 'albums', mainly the Season displays, but if you would like others just let me know. Currently existing ones are:


Displays -

----------- General

----------- Christmas/Winter

----------- Autumn

----------- Spring

----------- Summer


Role Play




Sadly the images already in your personal albums can't be moved into the categories - if you want to have them available in the categories you'll need to re-upload them. Sorry! :o (In the future it should be possible to move them from personal albums, but I'm not sure how long this will take).

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I would really like to know when someone adds new photos to the gallery - is there a way I could set up my controls so that I am alerted to new additions in the gallery? Or do I have to keep checking to find out?



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Hi Carolyn -

Sorry to have taken so long to reply - I was looking for an answer to the question!


The answer is - not at the moment...


The gallery is actually software I've bought in for the Forum, so I can't make the change myself. I've requested it as a feature for a future release though, and hopefully we'll be able to put something in place fairly soon! It seems a natural feature really, and I agree it's irritating not to be able to see new stuff as soon as it arrives! :o

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Look out everyone, I shall find time next week - half term -to post some pics. Steve might need a new catagory called "precious" or "A picture says a thousand words".


Steve, can you please verify for me; Should I "smudge" faces of children in the name of "Confidentiality"


I have permission from most parents (except Foster carers) to use photo's on publicity materials ie: Prospectus, newspapers, etc, which are accessable by anyone, with the proviso that names are not attached to the picture. I just have a few pictures of children with lovely facial expressions.


Or maybe I should ask permission first for "internet", it pains me to have to worry about such things.


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Hi Peggy -


Sorry for the delay in replying! I was distracted by a sick wife! Looking forward to the pics though.


Strictly speaking there's no legal problem with posting pictures of children as long as there is no personal identification next to them (name address etc). Also, you're not making them available on the internet generally. Gallery pictures are only visible to subscribing members of the Forum (you can try this by logging out and then trying to find the pictures).


However, I'd say it's generally a good idea wherever possible to ask the parents, just out of courtesy if nothing else. :)


Thanks for the picture notice Mimi! I liked your last ones from January as well. Missed them when they were published!

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LEA's advise schools to get specific permission to post photos on the internet and in papers. All parents were sent consent forms in which they could consent or refuse. In the case of divorced and separated parnets, consent was sought from both parties.

I personally would not like to see clearly distinguiable children on the internet. But thats just me.

Do nurseries/daycare/preschools not have a policy on this/ :o I can see the opportunity to write up yet another policy document!!! xD

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Hi Leo,


I do have a policy on this, parents sign permission for everything from suncream ( theirs or mine or either!!) to walks to the park. My photo agreement covers preschool publications, photo's on the walls, photo's in the local newspaper, always without names, photo's and video's at "social / end of term party;s etc.


I agree with Steve, out of courtesy I shall add "internet" to my permission list, I can then explain where on the internet I may put pictures and recommend this site to the parents at the same time :D

They will also see how secure it is :)


So until permission gained, smudged faces. (No smiley for that one!)



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We had a blanket statement for photography too! I havent put any photos in the gallery yet and wonder now if I can as I have left my old school.


I do agree pictures with names in the local press could cause problems between estranged parents and was something I was keen to discourage, they did like their first day at school articles!

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I have a form all parents fill in to say I can use photos, for display purposes. They are not left up when we are not using the hall. Do audio recording and video recordings. Neither of these I have used yet. We only have pictures of staff on our website, and these were drawn by the children. One of my staff has hair that joins up under her chin!!! and lets just say that I look like a giant jellyfish at the moment!!! LOL


We have our picture in the local paper from time to time and before each visit I get parents to sign to say whether or not their child can be included, circumstances change from time to time.



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