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Anyone Transfered Mid-degree?


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Hi folks.....


Am feeling very disheartened with my degree situation.


On starting the course I was told the earliest I could complete is 4 years and with this in mind I have always had December 2010 as that golden finishing date.


Now, as I am about to register modules for September, I am told that with the dissertation being a double-weighted project.... I have to do this Sept 2010 - taking my degree into an additional term :o


I am devastated as I have always had Dec 2010 as the goalposts - only now to have them moved on a term!


Hubbie thinks I am over-reacting as "it is only 4 months" xD and all things considered I suppose he is right but I just want to cry!


My plan is to follow on from the BA with a PGCE - I have been studying for my maths GCSE and am about to embark on my Biology GCSE in Sept and this is an extra term I could just do without!


My plea is ..... has anyone done a credit transfer? Should I even consider it at this late stage or should I put up with recent events just for stability?


I have looked at the credit transfer for OU and my local tech but it looks like a boggling minefield of info which will unlikely be sorted quickly.....


Your sensible (as ever) advice is much needed please :(

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Well I can only speak for myself, pickle. I would most definitely stay put, because I wouldn't be confident enough to move to a different university where I wasn't known and where I would have to 'fit in' with a new group!


It is particularly annoying for you, given that you have plans for further study. It seems almost impossible for you to have come so far with one date in your mind for finishing your degree, and at this late stage to have it changed. However in some ways I have stopped being surprised at what colleges/universities can do to their learners and seemingly be able to get away with it :o.


I have no experience of transferring mid-degree and I don't know anyone who has done it so I can't really offer advice there. However I seem to know from somewhere that the receiving university would look very carefully at the course you have done, and also your work and the marks you received so that it could be sure the course/your work was of a certain standard. This could take months rather than weeks, so I'm not sure whether this would benefit you at all!


Good luck with whatever you decide to do - especially if you find that really you have no alternative but to grin and bear it and soldier on.



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I know it's not as straightfoward as you may thinks - certain rules and regs about 'capping' and 'maximum credits' for past year.


Difficult as it may seem, especially if your happy with your current uni -apart from this incident- I'd stick were you are.


Have you spoken to your Student Advisor for advice?



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I think I echo the good advice already given xD


I do understand your frustration but as your hubby said it is only four months. It could (not necessarily but 'could') take you longer than 4 months overall to sort out the transfer and adapt/adjust to a new provider.


As far as the OU goes I only know that they provide excellent advice specific to your queries/requirements.

I am not saying they would give you immediate answers on the phone but they would explain things clearly rather than having to plough your way through mind boggling paper work.


I think I would be tempted to spend a short amount of time looking into exactly what you can credit for - kind of so that you know you can move if you want to but having that knowledge may actually be sufficient for you to decide to stay where you are

Sorry if this is garbled I am off to bed after a particularly exhausting day so 'thinking' is not my strong point right now :o

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its sounds a long time now but it will soon come round and you might be glad of having that extra term for the dissertation


be patient and if you have some idea what you might want to write your dissertation on then take all the chances you can to read I know I wish I had read more while I was studying it would of really paid off in the dissertation

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Thanks all...

Think you all echoed the thoughts that I sort of knew but didn't really want to hear :o


I have to admit I am loving the degree but the admin side of things has always been a nighmare and not well organised.


I have stood my ground a bit with the Uni and it is being looked into to see if I can do the project a little earlier but I don't hold out much hope.


As you have all wisely said though - the thought of starting again in my final year is a bit too much too bear, I think!


Thanks for the sound advice - as always xD

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