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I am putting on some training soon for Day Nursery staff -the theme (o no we dont do themes any more!) for the day is relationship


  • children

Each other

Outside agencies.


Any one see anything we might use,anything new exciting,interactive.Also any good ice breakers


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As an icebreaker ask each member of staff to list the names of all other staff and next to each name write something positive which can be about skills, knowledge and/or attitude.

ie: Tina- has a great sixth sense and always seems to know what's going on around her at all times :o

Ann - Is very good at settling the children in if they are a bit tearful.




This is a feel good factor excercise and also enables appreciation of others. xD



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We had a similiar activity to Peggy's for each other - had a piece of paper taped on our backs and then we went round with a felt pen and wrote something positive about that person on their back. When we had finished and took the paper off our backs, it was lovely to read the comments that others had written - often bringing a tear to the eye.


Nurseryworld had an article about bitchiness in this weeks edition - might be worth a look as an idea for scenarios as to how to tackle.


See if you could find some scenarios experienced in your setting (remembering to be sensitive) or hypothetical ones with children/parents which you could give to groups of staff. Arm them with a large piece of paper & pens to write down their ideas how to tackle and perhaps use role play to demonstrate and present their ideas. Also mix the staff up so that they are not with usual colleagues so that they can build relationships with others that they do not work with on a daily basis - mix experienced with less experienced or perhaps less experienced/younger together).


Will post more later as I think! Need another cup of tea!


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If you have someone else to work with you, acting out an exagerated example of how not to talk to a parent can work well! It has to be extreme e.g the practitioner not letting the parent get a word in edgeways, making huge assumptions about how the parent is feeling etc. etc. It can be quite hilarious. Then can lead onto discussion about how it should have been done.


Communication exercises eg.

- in pairs, one makes a simple Duplo model, then gives partner step by step instructions to make the same model (but without seeing each other's). Follow into a discussion about what would have made the task easier.

- give each pairs a simple activity e.g making a cup of tea. They have to make a flow chart of all the steps to do to do that action. This helps people to think about giving very clear instructions.


I'll let you know if I think of any more

Gruffalo2 :o

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All good -keep them coming,ill take on the role play idea-I think it will be me as every one says they hate roleplay but it gets the message across.

Want to find out what we mean by 'team' and how we support each other,what other people feel about us and the biggy how we cut down on sick days in staff-we all know the pressure that brings.

Any one got an easy way to explain sustained shared thinking.

We do want the day to be a positive one so will start with what we do well but dont want to lose the opportunity to improve - i want the staff to identify this for themselves. :o

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