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Early Years Topic- Our Pets


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The children in my reception class are really keen to set up an animal rescue centre role play - so we thought we would cover the topic 'our pets'- does anyone have any ideas for this topic? I'm planning this week?

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I did a pets topic several years a go. I'm trying to rack my brains as to what we did.


I know the children chose a pet they would like and made a home for it thinking about it's needs - food, drink, toys etc...


You may be able to get a local RSPCA person in to talk about looking after pets.


If I remeber anything else I will post them.

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This was one of our very first themes this year!

We had a visit from the Dogs trust (they brought in a dog).

We made a class fish-bowl - fish hanging from the ceiling!

We made a small-world pet area - the children made homes for the pets

We made cages, kennels, cat baskets, stables out of construction and junk materials

Circle time: Pets we own/would like to own, looking after our pets

Making sounds of the different pet animals

Move like different pets

Drawing and painting pet animals using different media

Sharing stories about pets: Spot books, Annabel's friend, Kipper stories etc

Hide and seek small world pet animals - positional language

Role-play - outdoors - Vets (used wheeled vehicles as pet ambulances!)

Used www.schoolpdsa.org.uk - videos and games about what different pet animals eat.


Hope this helps!

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A course I attended once showed a way of starting such a theme - the teacher had put a largish toy dog up in a nearby tree, with sign saying 'HELP!', and I think a bandaged paw! It got a fantastic response from the children, how did he get there? Also lots of problem solving opportunities about how to rescue the dog. They then had to go on to set up a rescue centre and look after the dog. Other pets came in from home, with bandages aplenty!

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my daughter recently did this for a week at school.


They started off by taking in a photo of their pet for a wall display

then they drew pictures of their pets for another wall display


they made pet carriers for their toy pet filled with feather boas, cotton wool etc for a nice comfy bed

and they took their favourite toy pet into school for a day, carried them around all day, put a name tag on them to say who they belonged to and finally on the last day they were visited by a family of tortoises.


She's in reception and absolutely loved!



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