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Hi i work at a playgroup and need some ideas on how to keep my older children occupied and excited about coming in to playgroup in the mornings.

They all go to school in September and are ready for it now.

I could do with some ideas for outside and role play thanks

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Hi melc and welcome.


What do you mean when you say they are ready for school? Are you not answering your own question? You need to offer them something else that you are identifying they need when you say they are ready for school now!

What are their interests that will interest and engage them?

How can you adapt your routines to offer them something more? Small group time with focussed activities?

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Outisde play:


Paintbrushes (like DIY ones) and water

Guttering and drainpipes to run balls/cars etc down

Obstacle course using hoops, cones etc



Do you have a technology box? It is my children's favourite. We put in things like old cameras (they're the favourite), calculators, wind up toys, old mobile phones.


Role play:


Garden centre - soil play, hide toy insects and moles in it - mine like making mole hills.

Cafe: ask children to create menus, give them notepads to take everyones orders.

If you have the right floor to do this, use masking tape to create a road, approx 1.5 feet in width, put r'dbout in etc


Hope that's of some help, mine are at that stage too but they still enjoy coming in, they just get a bit rowdy.



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Hi - some of my rather interesting little boys created their own "hot chocolate today" - they mixed compost & water - gathering water from various containers outside - lovely mess - they all worked together shared their ideas - found their own tools to mix - Dot

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