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Hello all.


I was just after your opinions please... I was having a chat with a colleague about planning the other day and she said they have got to the stage where they are filling in the gaps. Or in other words looking at what objectives have not been covered and planning for them.


I felt uncomfortable about this as I don't feel it is "Personalised Learning" as required by the EYFS. But the more I think about if I wonder when those "missing" objectives would then be covered?


Can anyone please shed some light on my confusion???


Thanks in advance x

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There are ALWAYS going to be 'stepping stones' or whatever you call them that we will not see - they are only intended to be guidelines after all and children can achieve later objectives without looking at earlier ones at all!

I'm personally not comfortable with gap-filling, that said, if there's something we can do to promote learning in order for a child to achieve an objective then I think we should do that, even if it's just exciting them in a draw programme on the computer to show symmetry or something. I don't think that making 'false' learning environments to achieve objectives is the way forward. Children have to WANT to learn something or you are wasting your time. For the sake of 'ticking a box' for someone else's 'happy button' just leave it.

We ask parents to help with things like 'range of small and large equipment' as we haven't any large stuff, but I don't see that as 'gap filling' particularly, more of involving parents in their child's learning story.

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