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I'm so confused!


I've had a break of a few years and have totally missed the new frameworks coming in and the old strategies going out. I could quite happily plan using the old strategies, but although I thought I had got my head round using the new frameworks, I'm not so sure. When I planned for my observation, I was quite confident in how I had planned it and a friend who looked at it said it looked fine.


However, I am not sure if I have got it right. I have a copy of the Frameworks for maths and literacy and seem to understand it. I didn't have a copy to hand when I needed it to plan some poetry, so looked it up on the strategies website and what I found was very different to the paper copy! What have I missed! There seems to be some unit plans for most things but not for all the poetry.


Please could someone explain the difference between the two - which should I be using, and if I am planning some poetry, where should I be getting the objectives from? If anyone has a plan for a lesson or week and would be willing to share, I would be most grateful.


Hope someone can help!


Many thanks


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not all the poetry units are explified on the Standards site!


Explified sounds like a good word, what does it mean?


Gonna see if I can slip that one into conversation tomorrow!

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lullahs don't worry remember the frameworks are not statutory and I know that you can use them as suits you best. They are there as guidance and our primary strategy consultants have made it really clear that we use them as and when we need and we do not need to stick to the order they are in!


We use them as a reference and have our own scheme of work as we have been cross curricular for many years.

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Thanks Susan for the link to the Lancs website - have had a quick look and looks good :o


Emilia thank you for the advice and - it's good to know how others are/not using them - I just wish there was a USB stick you could plug into your brain and update automatically!


Thanks once again


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