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Hi all


i'm really hoping someone can help. Next week our lit focus is writing invitations to a teddy bears picnic which we are holding the following week. I being observed for each literacy input mon-thurs and have 4 to do. The trouble is i want to make my inputs engaging and ecxiting - not just shared writing an invite each day. My class are mixed ability although they all recognise sounds can blend and segment words and all will make very plausidble attempts at phonetically spelling words. They all write and most are forming letters correctly.


Like i say i am looking for inspiring ideas for the inputs


Any help would be gratefully received ready for my observation


Many thanks



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I don't know whether this is what you'd call exciting - but it's what you make it and it's always worked with our children. Could have a letter from a teddy bear, would be good if you have one in the class that they recognise but doesn't really matter, but the letter could say something like 'I want to have a teddy bears picnic but i've got such a lot to organise. Could you help by writing invitations?' or something like that. If you've got 4 literacy lessons to get to that point you could first of all look at what needs to be in an invitation. We've used Kipper's birthday by Mick Inkpen for that because Kipper makes a mistake and leaves some information out. That could lead on to the information that needs to be in an invitation. You could also plan the teddy bears picnic with the children so that they are really secure as to what will be happening as this will give them the information they need for the invitation.


I have realised that my message is a bit muddled but hopefully it is of some help.

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Guest heleng

Here are some of the ideas I might try and incorporate:

I would start off by asking the children what information needs to be put on the invitation and making a list of things to include.

I would try and get hold of some sample invitations and talk about which ones the chn like and why- maybe review list and see if we have left any important info out.

I would write a sample invitation with the children helping me (shared writing) referring to my list, either them all with whiteboards writing down ideas or telling me the sounds etc - depending on what my learning intentions are.

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Could you think about what other sorts of events people might get invitations to - weddings, christenings etc.?


Quick edit - to add - you could think about 'other cultures, other celebrations' - maybe?



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