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Am I Going Over The Top For This Interview?

Guest enimod

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Planning on taking a file with me to interview- incase i get tongue tied- would that be frowned upon? possibly incorporating eg of planning documents and for literacy, numeracy and other a sheet explaining how id organise it in a rec/year1 class.

this is my literacy example.




Using National Literacy Strategy, linking in aspects of Foundation Curriculum eg CLL.


Find out “where each child is at ?”


-will need to assess year 1’s and look at their outcomes from last year regarding their ELG’s


-will need to assess each child against Pips/ Jolly phonics sounds- find where they are at.


Literacy plan (see example) draws together ELG’s, Reception and Year 1- objectives/targets- therefore covering range.


Shared reading- whole class aimed at both year groups.


Activities- differentiated by task and outcome.

- more child centered play/practical based task

- year 1 to have balance of more formal year1 curriculum and foundation curriculum

- Availability of zones eg. reading corner, writing table, role-play area, listening station, computer etc –sometimes structured activities, sometimes free choice for both year groups.


Word level- depends on initial assessment but possibly initially whole class covering early Pips stages (where reception are at), then maybe two word groups reception group and year one group- with some movement between the two

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You can never tell how people will react, no harm in taking it, if it seems appropriate use it , or at least offer to show it , they may not have time to see it, offer to leave it for them to look at after the interview.

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Hi there Enimod. I would agree with Mimi, take it by all means, and judge for yourself whether or not it is approriate to use it.


I do quite a number of interviews and I personally dont find that those bringing any kind of portfolio perform any better in interview than those who don't. I never use one myself unless specifically asked for, and I have never had feedback from a failed interview suggesting that I should have.


When we do have candidtaes bringing a portfolio, we would hope they would only use it to clarify or explain a point they are making rather than a replacement to a verbal answer. It can help some people who get very nervous and become aware that they are not explaing themselves too well, and their portfolio can give them more confidence just beacuse its there. Bear in mind that every candidate should be asked the same questins, there may not be much opportunity for them to ask you if they can view it.


However, I would not spend hours preparing these things and then find that you dont use it, I think you may well be miffed.

If we were recruiting a mixed R/1 tecaher I would definately be asking you what are the specific issues that face a mixed R/1 teacher , how you plan an assess with mixed year groups, how you view the idea of extending the FS stage into year one, in addition to more general questions about what you bring to the school, your subject specialisms, your understanding of the role of support staff, questions about specail needs or equal opps, the importance of your relationships with parents.



Hope that helps, do get back to me if it doesnt make sense. And good luck, I hope it all goes well for you.

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All the best enimod! I'm currently teaching a YR/1 class, and I will be the last teacher of that mix in school as from next year, after suggestions from ofsted, we're moving to have a foundation unit with 40 nursery and 40 receptionand then the 80 Y1 and 2 kids split between 3 classes.

I'll add a little, although Mundia has said most of the things that needed to be said! Just be really clear on what you think is important in that mix, for me it was ensuring that all the children got access to play based provision. Talk about your specialisms, as obviously each school is looking for a broad and ballanced mix and be clear on your ideas for dealing with issues that often arise in school e.g. dealing with parents, challenging children etc etc

All I can say is good luck!!

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