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Hi :o


Does anyone know where I can find the 'homework packs' that were for sale at the education show. I'm sure I've seen them on the Literacy trust site and elsewhere.


They are games that come in a clear wallet. Each week the children take a different pack home- a bit like a toy library. I can't find them anywhere....makes me think that I have been dreaming AGAIN!

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I've had a look on the website and they look quite good. Firm Foundations


I think this link should work. I'm really interested in the phonics for Reception but the other packs would be great for Nursery and Preschool. I wonder if there are any for PSRN or other areas anywhere!

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Hi all,

I contacted the organisation that produces these packs, and I've received a few samples this morning so that I can review them for the forum. If you'd like to receive any of the following, then PM me, and you are welcome to have them to use with your children. That way, you'll be able to make informed decisions about whether or not to go ahead and purchase more. You can also share your own reviews here! :( It'll be first come, first served xD:o


A brief description of the packs first, I think:

Firm Foundations are 36 activities at 4 levels (yellow, blue, green and red) across 9 strands (auditory memory, sequencing pictures from nursery rhymes, auditory discrimination, positional instructions, visual memory, visual discrimination, sequencing pictures of events, retelling narratives and phonological awareness). They are designed for parents to use at home with their children, to enrich home/school dialogue.


Firm Foundations Phonological Awareness is designed as a settings based resource AND a home/school resource. The 13 (orange) activities are for home use, and support setting-based work on Phase 1 of Letters and Sounds, particularly aspects 5, 6 and 7. There are additional activities for settings, in the accompanying CD and guidebook.


Finally, Firm Foundations Phonics provides 22 games to help children consolidate phonic knowledge and skills acquired during setting phonics sessions. They are aligned to Phases 2 to 4 of Letters and Sounds. The games can be used in the setting, but they are primarily intended for home use.



So, here are the ones I can send onto you, once I've completed the review:


1) Firm Foundations Yellow: positional instructions (washing line game)

2) Firm Foundations Red: positional instructions (bus and passengers game)

3) Firm Foundations Phonological Awareness (orange) : oral blending and segmenting: phoneme jigsaws

4) FF Phonics blue: storyland track game- see-it/say it words, and words that can be sounded out.

5) FF Phonics red: house building game, for words such as plan, snap, crab, stem, drop, from.


I await your PMs........... :(

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Hi Helen this is just what our school is looking forward if you still have any available to send me I would be very grateful I will share in a staff meeting and send and post review. Just let me know if you have any left and I will sort out details with you.



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I'm sure you've been inundated with requests Helen - but I'm really interested in the phonological awareness activities for Phase 1 of Letters and Sounds. The weblink says it will be available in Spring 2009 so there is no pricing information from what I could see (but its very late!). I'll await your review with interest!



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