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Risks Assessments Or Policies/procedures


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Hi all

well doing the third unit of my DPP and its all about risks! They said that there should be risks assessments for at least the following:

Preparing snack

changing nappies

giving medicine



arrival/collection of children


equipment eg climbing fram

Now we do daily risk asessments, assessments for outings, however we do not have risk assess for above (well never seen them anyway). We do have policies though.


Does anyone have any they can share?

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I had them for most of those, but am in a hotel at moment so no where near them! (Lovely weather to be out and about, away with OH who is here on business so cheap few days away!)


think I have seen risk assessment on here with blank sheets to use..


but ours was just a few columns with a title at the top of the activity or area, then we had a column for risk.. to whom (eg staff child etc) high medium or low ( some traffic light colours) and then how to minimise risk. Once you get going it is self explanatory, but very personal to a setting.


I will now go and see if I do have one on my laptop...


if not I am sure others will come along



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Hi Marley, in my setting, the insurance company ( PSLA insurance) require us to fill in a risk assessment, and it covers all those areas. In addition we do keep daily checks, but these are more general eg visual check list to see if loos are clean, kitchen clean, classroom clean, toys safe etc.

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I got a really good selection of risk assessments from City of Nottingham website specifically for educational establishments, had a quick look on their site but not time at present to find them ( bedtime storytime :o ).


I am sure that if you do a Forum search and a google search as well, you will find lots of examples too.



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Hi all

Well managed to find some that have served us really well (think it was from a link I eventually found after trawling through this site on risk assessment...did you know there are soooo many posts on this!!!) xD

Peggy did try the city of nottingha, one as this was also linked but not there anymore.

The one I found i amended slightly for our needs but are ones that i think can be used and reviewed every 6 months or so. Supervisor was chuffed with it anyway :( . we stil do our daily ones that ensure we check loos, socket covers etc.

If anyone else wants them I can try and find the link that I got :o

Thanks again all.....

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