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Recent Inspections- Please Share Your Knowledge


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We are now overdue our OFSTED inspection, and have been watching this section of the forum for some time now. Many of you must have been inspected but not left posts. Would really value any new info that you can share on Mrs O's "hot topics", new areas of interest, change of focus since EYFS etc. I think we are well prepared, have checked EYFS "must and shoulds" really carefully, but would hate to get pulled up on some minor focus that I may have missed. Any advice??? Please share your experiences.....I bet I am not the only one who would greatly appreciate this.


PS forget to state that we are a small sessional preschool based in London

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I also work in a sessional pre-school, we had our inspection just before the Easter holidays.


Things they looked at and were hot about were:-


Risk Assessments-indoors, outdoors, visits etc.

Inclusion and Equal Opportunities

Safeguarding Children - how would you deal with suspected child abuse and complaints againt a staff member.

Do all staff plan for children's interests and contribute to planning.

Qualifications of Staff

Have you collected all the right information from parents on registration forms-parental responisbility and who has legal contact.

What links do you have with other settings.


Will put my thinking cap on and let you know if i can think of anymore.


samfrostie :o

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In our recent daycare inspection the inspector was looking at the welfare requirements and she specifically said we needed a daily signed record of which areas and equipment were checked and by whom in regards to safety. They checked policies including the child protection policy. They asked questions about assessment and learning journeys. I wasn't involved so I can only tell you second hand.


The nursery inspection was quite different though, the emphasis was not so much about the welfare requirements but more assessment, planning, data, making sure there was a balance between child initiated and adult led activities. He also checked all the policies but did not insist on doing them in a particular way. He also focused on community cohesion.


I can ask more on Monday about the daycare inspection if you want and I will share then.



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I'm probably not being too much help, as I work in F2 in a primary school, but we've just been OfSTEDed and they were pretty hot on community cohesion and the welfare of the children/welfare requirements. As I'm a NQT I wasn't too involved in the 'talking' with the inspectors, but our team of inspectors were really nice.

By the sounds of it you've done your research and checked everything thoroughly so you'll be Ok. :-)

Oh, and our inspection was a year overdue...!

Sam x

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We have a series of recent articles by Helen Edwards on this very subject. If you clickk on Articles on the left of this page, then go to Members Articles and scroll down, you will find 4 articles analysing recent OFSTEd reports. I think they should be just what you are looking for.

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well done to eyfs1966 for posting this I have meant to have done it for a while and thanks to JacquieL for pointing us in the right direction under articles

I have found the articles and they are brilliant it is a good way to help the process of evaluating the practice as it is from actual inspections rather than guessing what may come up I have ploughed my way through several reports from all over the country to see what they are looking for but the 4 articles are much easier to follow


thanks again for the posting



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Hi all, and thanks so much for your prompt and very helpful replies. I am so pleased that I have this forum, as it makes talking to other practitioners so easy. Just wish I had found this site years ago. Again, thanks for everything, and I will be sure to post as soon as Mrs O has been, whether bearing good news or bad!!

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