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Eyfs V Reggio Emilia


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Hi hope somebody can help me - I am in my final year of a degree in Early Childhood Studies - and am suffering from a very tired brain. On Thursday of this week I have a planned debate, and I have got to defend the EYFS against Reggio Emilia. I am really struggling, to come up with positives, as I actually find myself very drawn to Reggio Emilia way. If anyone has any ideas I would be really gratefull.


Many thanks




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Well I'm going off the Reggio approach... I'm beginning to get the feeling of late it's becoming more of a 'Brand Image' to sell. My reason for this -

1) at a recent training event given by someone who had visited Italy, the first thing she said was 'I apologise for the photos - I am only able to use the one purchased at the setting"


2) When asked about the Reggio appraoch to SEN the speaker shuffled uncomfortably and said "well they don't adapt each setting as such......" and went on to say "well all the settings are quite close to each other in the village. and siblings can sometimes go to different setting depending on their needs"


Maybe the speaker just had a bad trip, but after the talk it certainly made me think a bit more about the approach.


I love the original Reggio ideas/concepts.......... but I do think of late it's just becoming a commercial enterprise.

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Off the track of the thread I know (sorry) but to add to what louby loo just said........


I too have heard reports back from people who have not had the "WOW" experience seeing Reggio in practice!


One lady said she saw a child MADE to go back to his painting 3 times to get the effect SHE desired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And no outdoor play???????????


I expect there are plus's and minus's wherever you look to whatever approach someone uses.

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I have just completed an assignment on this exact subject.


To be honest I read books, journals and articles about Reggio and agree with most of the other comments - BRAND NAME.

There is an interesting journal:


Soler, J. & Miller, L. (2005) The Struggle for Early Childhood Curricula: A Comparison of the English Foundation Stage Curriculum, "Te Whariki" and Reggio Emilia. International Journal of Early Years Education, v11 n1 p57-67 , which classes the 2 curriculums as 'opposite ends of the continuum', however the fact that the EYFS has no one specific approach, most other approaches slot well into it, including Reggio.


Also 'Children in Europe' magazines also have some interesting articles.




Hope this is of some help


Net x :o

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