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Hi All


Well this is my first ever message on here, i have heard this website is very helpful so i thought i'd join and see if anyone could help me with advice or idea's.


I am in the process of changing our nursery planning. Im getting rid of the long term plan, so no more topic's!! In place of that we are going to follow creative thinking which looks at the childrens interests and we will then plan around these.


Has anyone implemented this into their setting?


How have you done this?


What's your feedback?

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Not exactly the answer to your question but I wanted to say that I think themes and topics have a place in nursery.


We just use a theme or topic inspired by the children's interests rather than from a book or from the adults thoughts.


This allows us to widen and build on the childrens experiences and interests.


These can be short or long depending on where the children take the idea.

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Hi and welcome.

have a look at the article "motivational planning" by Sue R that you will find via the menu. I'm sure you will find that a good starting point and lots of others are following a similar route.

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