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Hi we are doing a topic on dear zoo next week! has anyone got any good ideas for numeracy which i could use. thanks in advance.

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hi i did this recently and was a success. i got eight party boxes and numbered them 1 - 8 i placed an animal in each box as they appeared in story eg in box one i put an elephant box 2 i put a girraffe etc - i placed the boxes randomly on floor and let group order them by number. each child was given a box and as i read the page i said "and in box 1 they sent me "

the child with that box would then open their box and say the name of their animal.

once story was over we discussed the animals - which was the heaviest / lightest , longest / shortest , tallest / smallest etc

and ordered the animals by these.

another activity we did was each child took a turn to hide their animal whilst other children closed their eyes - the child ( sometimes supported by adult) then used positional / directional clues to direct the other children to the hidden animal .

hope thats a help - i know its not all numeracy but might be useful

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