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hi i wrote about a week ago explaining that i was applying for a job teaching reception/yea1 brightest reception weakest year ones. i have got past the first hurdle and have been offered an interview- i think its a normal interview no teaching or any thing. i know the school as i supply teach for them.

i haven't had an interview aince 1998 when i first started teaching.

can anyone offer me any good things to think about and prepare for. i have a general idea how id set up the class etc and have looked at the forums for help.

any pointers?

anyone recenly had an interview?



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It has been a long time ago since I had an interview, but I know what we expect as a school as I interview as a govenor. We are always impressed when someone produces a portfolio of children's work - even if it is just pictures which will help you talk about how you teach etc.

Hope it goes well and that helps


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As it is a mixed year group they may ask you how you will teach to both the foundation stage and to the national curriculum.

Even though you have done some supply teaching there - still make a visit, you can often pick up on some of the things they are looking for and prepare your self for relevent questions. If you know the staff rearly well may be the deputy head will even give you some advice - they would only be able to do this if they were not part of the interview panel. It sounds hopeful they obviously think you can do the job or you would not have got an interview but you don't know how strong the other candidates are.

Other regular questions are

" Tell me about you previous teaching experience" mention how much you have enjoyed working at this school and how supportive the staff have been.

"What strengths would you bring to this school" as you have worked here you might be aware of any gaps in the expertise of staff, hopfully you are multi talented and can plug these.

Try and give detailed answers but don't waffle on too long, dont be afraid to ask for clarification if you don't understand the question.

But most of all be yourself, if they dont like you you probably wouldn't be happy there anyway. :):):)

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At my last interview for a Foundation Stage post, which was three years ago, I was asked:


- how I would ideally like to set up my classroom

- how I would involve parents

- to talk about something that I feel do well, giving examples

- to talk about something that I feel hasn't gone so well

- how I feel about working as part of a close-knit team.


The questions were always phrased so that I could talk about past experiences which gives you lots of scope to "show off" a little bit (but not too much!).


I also took examples of children's work - books we had made, photographs of displays and classroom organisation. I used these as reference points while I was answering questions, which helped me to feel that the focus wasn't always on my face!


You are usually asked at the end if you have any questions, so it is a good idea to have something lined up to ask.

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Just to add, I too was extremely nervous about interviews as I had not had one for many years after taking time out of teaching to raise my two children. However I was amazed at just how relaxed the whole process was - not at all as I had imagined it would be. I was lucky enough to get the job at this first interview and have since discovered that the interviewing panel (Foundation Stage leader, chair of governors and Headteacher) were all just as nervous as I was about carrying out the interviewing process. They are all now good friends and colleagues.

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i haven't really got anything of quality to put in a portfolio. the displays all look dated and messy. what else could i put in- what sort of work? its for a reception year 1 job i have some work by year 1 on sound but its all written/ recording work- thats not really very useful. any other ideas what i should include?

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If you can't find actual stuff, then have a selection of examples prepared of how you would set up/organise /plan etc. Talking about stuff you actually know and do makes you a lot calmer and generally more animated. Don't forget to think about equal opportunities as there should be a question about that. "How would you plan support for a range of abilities/ethnicities/languages etc. Use of ICT is also a current thread as there is a push from the Primary strategy with this. Assessment and tracking is also something to think about too as they may talk about that.


Look at the job description and person spec as this should be what is guiding the questioning.


Good luck, let us know.............. :D:D:D

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