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I'm being observed first thing Monday morning with a science focus in line with whole school performance management. The last two weeks have been very investigation focussed - we've been looking at movement and exploring rolling, pushing, pulling and lifting - there could have been any number of lovely observations! Having done all the above in relation to movement, I can't think of anywhere else to take this for an observation, so i'm left wioth the other KUW stuff which will be happening next week - looking at our caterpillars / chrysalises and starting to sow seeds. Both of these will be nice, important things to do, but not really all-singing, all-dancing observation type things! Any ideas of something I could do with any of this to make it really spangly and exciting?

Thank you!

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My two favourites;


1. Archemedes = Jar and pebbles with a floating thing and wrapped up in a story of how important the floaty thing is and the people trying to reach it can't reach it or climb in. Get the children to try and problem solve how they could reach the floating object.


To then extend the activity another day I had two jars of water in the garden with leaves floating and divided the children into teams to gather pebbles etc to drop into the containers to see whuch team could raise the water level fastest, of course I had a toy dragon by my side and the leaf had magical powers to make the fierce dragon sleep but that's another story as they say.


2. Floating / Sinking = I made boats with the children and one belonged to captain black, one to captain blue etc and we saw which boat could carry the most cargo. I chose some things that were big but light and some small heavy objects. Children made predictions and we recorded the predictions. Then started loading up the ships, some evenly and some all at one end etc.


The ships were made out of old ready meal trays so easy to do, play mobile people as the captains but any small world people will do. Have to say such a great day and fun activity it still makes me smile.


Hope whatever you decide to do you have fun.


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we did a science focus last week on speed and texture. We used cars on ramps, adjusted the heights to see which one would go fast and slow. Also we used differetn surfaces on the ramp to see if this had an effect on the speed e.g smooth, bumpy. Chn loved this and were engaged in the lesson.

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I recall something I did on a science focus training which was good. We got a 2ltr bottle of lemonade and dropped a raisin in, and put the lid back on tightly. Of course the raisin sank, but collected small bubbles of CO2 as it dropped, in all its 'crooks and nannies', so when the balance of gas outweighed the weight of the raisn, it came back up to the top, where it released its CO2, and dropped again - it kept going up and down for ages.


We also held a chocolate button tight in our hands at the plenary whilst the lady in charge read us 'chocolate', by Michael Rosen, to learn about melting - that bit was really good too

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