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What will they be looking at Riverview?


After reading the handbook I expected that if we developed our own potfolio of examples of each of the scale points that this should be enough to take to moderation. We are two classes and work very closely together and we have been developing our examples but I have been told this is not enough that we have to show all the evidence we have used to make a judgement on a child.


I would be very interested to hear what other LA are doing.

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My LA information


Both cluster meetings and school visits will focus on the following statements:


Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy


6 In practical activities and discussion, begins to use the vocabulary involved in adding and subtraction


Shape, space and measures

3 Describes shapes in simple models, pictures and patterns


9 Uses mathematical language to describe solid (3D) objects and flat (2D) shapes


Physical Development

6 Use small and large equipment showing a range of basic skills


Knowledge and Understanding of the World

5 Asks questions about why things happen and how things work, looks closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change


Practitioners are expected to be able to discuss two or three different observations or pieces of evidence that led them to make their judgements about one child for each of these 5 statements. It can be a different child for each statement.



I had my moderation on Monday in school

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Thank you Marion very interesting.


We have to take evidence for all scale points in PSRN and PD for three children. It takes an absolute age and some of the points the children had achieved before they came into school so we just tell them that!

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Our letter says


Teacher's file of dated observations

Profile assessments - including e-profile or similar

Annotated photos which demonstrate achievement

Recent examples of children's own mark making

Paintings, drawings and models etc

Evidence of parent and child voice


......based on the EYFS profile handbook.


Plus approx 30 minutes with class teacher for professional discussions.


We are a 4 form entry so not sure if they or we decide which class she looks at or all of them.

Doesn't really matter cos we moderate internally between us and all use the same system.

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Hi Im a moderator and its really nothing to worry about. LA have to do it as their jobs. We are doing an observation with the practitioner on a child which we will then discuss together to check that we have the same judgements. We are looking also at what evidence you collect but we wont be asking to see absolutely everything. The idea is that we get the idea that teachers know their stuff on the profile and all our jusdgements are the smae across the LA.

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We got the letter today...... they are coming in to moderate us on 18th April


hi .. what actually happens during moderation? I'm also being moderating in May. this is my first year in the reception class.

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hi im an nqt in a one form rec, iv had to introduce everything from scratch as it was run like the dark ages and also iv had to implement letters and sounds and the new eyfs, iv got ofstead coming soon and i just got the letter saying im going to be moderated so i could really freak out if i wanted to! will they want to see it all perfect?x

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hi im an nqt in a one form rec, iv had to introduce everything from scratch as it was run like the dark ages and also iv had to implement letters and sounds and the new eyfs, iv got ofstead coming soon and i just got the letter saying im going to be moderated so i could really freak out if i wanted to! will they want to see it all perfect?x

Hi I am also an NQT and have just been moderated. It is fine. It was very helpful to know that someone is there to tell you that what you are doing is right! As we can all feel a little 'on our own' in reception sometimes! I just got all my evidence ready - learning journey folders, reading records, phonic records, and we discussed the children we had observed. I am also being done in the summer term again - i think it is because we are NQT's!!

it really is fine :o

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I'm being moderated on May 20th as I am also an nqt. Iv got a class of 26 reception children and i'm panicking that I haven't got evidence for everything like post its etc not covering everything and not all my observations are complete. Any advice from anyone will be gratefully recieved!



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Moderation remains a bit of a lottery depending on where in England you work I'm afraid.


Your school should have a copy of the ARA which states the objectives for moderation


(Assessing and Reporting Arrangements) 2009.




3.10 EYFS profile moderation


Local authorities set up moderation arrangements that are appropriate for their area. QCA will provide local authorities with guidelines and examples of good practice. Local authorities will check and challenge the consistency of judgements by talking to practitioners and discussing evidence during a school visit or moderation meeting.


Practitioners and EYFS profile moderators need to be aware that the definition of evidence is any material, knowledge of the child, anecdotal incident, result of observation or information from additional sources that support the overall picture of the child's development. There is no requirement that it should always be formally recorded or documented.


Practitioners may choose to record specific evidence in order to secure their own judgements, but it is their final assessment of the child, based on all their evidence (documented or not) that informs the completion of the EYFS profile, and it is this judgement that is moderated by the local authority. Much of the existing QCA guidance refers to observing children in independent or self-initiated activities as a critical way in which evidence is collected and judgements made on what children really know and can do.


Moderation activities within the context of the EYFS profile involves professional dialogue to ensure practitioner judgements are based on assessments of children consistent with nationally agreed exemplification and that attainment of individual scale points is a reliable, accurate and secure process. The moderation process is a supportive one, designed to develop practitioners' confidence in their approaches to assessment and their understanding of the EYFS profile.


The EYFS profile provides a rounded picture of a child's progress and development in relation to the early learning goals at the end of the EYFS. Agreement of the assessment judgements recorded in the EYFS profile is essential so that all those involved can make full use of the information and data outcomes are accurate and reliable.


Providers should discuss arrangements for training with the local authority early years team. The funding sources for this training are referred to in section 3.11. Everybody needs to feel confident that the recorded judgements are fair and consistent for all children and that the assessment judgements made for any one child are comparable with those made for all other children. The achievement of this comparability involves processes that will need to operate over time as the EYFS profile is implemented and used. These processes are outlined in section 3.11 and will involve practitioners working with each other throughout the year, supported by an annual programme of agreement activity organised by the local authority.


Unfortunately lots of LAs like Riverviews are asking for detailed paperwork rather than accepting professional judgement.

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People may be interested in this week's TES


"Reception teachers have been given the wrong advice by some education authority advisors on how to assess five-year-olds’ abilities, a Qualifications and Curriculum Authority monitoring report has revealed."

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Can I ask, is it only reception classes that are moderated at the end of the EYFS or can nurseries be moderated too?


A nursery would only be moderated if they had a child who was 5+ and not attending a reception class. The EYFSP is for children at the end of the EYFS.

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  • 4 weeks later...

A lovely lady visited us today, spent the morning in and out of my class and........


wey heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


we got "outstanding".


I'm so happy....

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Have met today with my head prior to moderation next week and she is concerned that I don't have enough evidence of a range of writing for my children. I tried to explain about photographic evidence and observations, ICt used etc but it wa slike hitting my head against a brick wall so now i need to think about how to show the work I do have to look as good as possible. By this time next week I will be totally grey, probably on the verge of divorce as my husband doesn't understand what I am doing and totally exhausted but I don't want to give the head further evidence to criticise me!!!!

Sorry for my moan and really pleased you came out so well


Nicky Sussex :oxD

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Thank you.


Yes you are now graded by your moderator.


satisfactory, good or outstanding.


I've already been moderated and definitely wasn't graded by my moderator. Moderation isn't about assessing the teacher which is why I was surprised.

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Chill Nicky... (says someone who hasn't slept properly for weeks)


Is writing something they have said they are looking at? Ours was PD and PSR&N, writing and parent & child voice..


Our moderator was looking for a range of evidence. Particuarly a piece of evidence that showed attainment of more than one profile point.

She commented on the good writing opportunities that the children chose in CI time and the fact they were more than happy to read it to her whether it was isolated letters or sentences - all valued.


Parent and child voice was very important, and I must admit we have been working hard on this all year.

She liked the way the children in my class take their own photos of anything that they value and are proud of (we call it 'good learning') and I often use these photos in our review time. (A quick download while they are tidying up). This also prevents upset when another child brakes up a model before review has taken place.


We are a 4 form entry school so she was interested in consistancy across the year group, how we approach transition from settings and also transition to Year 1.


I worried about it for weeks but I knew we were on the right tracks. We are a forward looking school who are continuously fine tweaking!

But boy I am glad it's over for this year.

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Hi Riverview,

They are focussing on writing in particular boys writing and PSED. We need to focus on 3 children for a short observation and then review data etc and my observations, tracking etc. However Head has suggested that I should put together a Co-ordinator file not that I am the Foundation stage co-ordinator but thats irrelevant as I am the only Reception Teacher and the Head doesn't understand EYFS. to show how we have developed during the year and also collect together lots of evidence in all other areas of curriculum. Not sure whether it's all relevant but we are putting together photo files for each area of learning - colour coded to match record sheets for observations. Whole class books, individual evidence and feels like lots more.

However as I have never been on any training for observations and have followed advice from previous teacher now feeling very stressed about it all. The Head has always said that previous teacher was amazing and so when I took over intially on maternity leave I tried to follow her planning and maintain her "amazing room" etc. However she left last year and have finally in last week and a half been given new furniture for my room and with support from Deputy Head have completely changed room, planning format etc. BUT the support has only been there in the last month and I feel like I am climbing a mountain to be ok for next week.


Can't discuss it at home as my husband very kindly decided to raise issue of being bullied by head with Deputy last week and has made my life so much more stressfu l am now worried about saying anything about today incase he mentions that and it gets even worse. Just needed to tell someone how useless and worthless I feel at the moment so sorry to rant on. My husband is away tonight and was late collecting girls from childminder who fortunately was very kind about it but then brought girls home and started to work and eldest who is doing SATs this week came and gave me a big hug and I had to try really hard not to cry on her. I know that sounds really silly but would just like to cry and desperately trying hard not to. Have decided not to do any work tonight as can't focus on it so please pray or positive thoughts that that doesn't become an issue tomorrow!!!!


Now going to try and watch some tv to distract myself maybe a bit of the apprentice will help.


Nicky Sussex

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Guest tinkerbell

Nicky ,please slow down and calm down,you sound to be doing a great job.


Have you got a copy of Early years foundation stage Profile handbook? it has examples of all the profile points this will help you realize your observations can be quite simple,jottings on a postit.


You say you are doing a photo file of the different areas ...my LEA moderators came back from a big moderator meeting and said the 'old' moderator photo file is a bit defunct....sorry.


I do a half term big book of photos in an A3 clear plastic display book,its everything we have been doing daily so could have 2 pages of playing outside,a page on planting beans,2 pages of an outing to a castle, making table,practical maths counting apples etc etc.I dont annotate with scale points,the children might write a caption or I do some on the computer. We make one every half term,the children take it home to show their parents for 1 night ,we have an exercise book in the front page and the parents put in lovely comments.This is great evidence for anyone,new parents,ofsted ,moderators ...its also useful when writing reports to remind you of what you have been doing.


Why is your husband involved??



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