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I posted a few weeks ago and mentioned I was moving into the 2-3's base room of the private day nursery in which I work.


I have been based in there for about 4 weeks now and although it is very different I am quite enjoying it.


I do feel sometimes the day is a whirl of child-initated play, mealtimes and changing nappies/potty training, which I know is the whole point and the children are all very happy and usually are very involved in what they are doing.


I'm just wondering, how others in similar settings structure their day? Do you have much/any adult initiated time at all? Does anyone have any lovely inspiring ideas I can inject to the room as maybe fascination traps for the children?


I think this is maybe me starting to feel the novelty wearing off and wanting to throw myself into something and spice my days up a little, without obviously detracting from the child initiated activities. I'm missing the older pre-schoolers I used to work with.


The children range from about 1yr 11 months to 2yrs 9 months.



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Have you tried some feet painting and stomping up and down a roll of lining paper?


Or experiencing floaty scarves for waving about - inside or out


gloop or playdough


pouring water into containers

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I'd agree lots of messy play

but also beginning to structure the day a little with storytimes and songtimes - using storysacks, puppets and rhyme prop boxes can help to encourage them to all stay in one place

you mention 'fascination traps' what about den building (look up Elizabeth Jarman - communication friendly spaces) add a few interesting open ended props and see what happens.

we've been outside this week with the patio covered in wallpaper and washing up liquid bottles full of paint and water to squirt over - great fun

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Hi dcn


We have eight 2yr olds each day and to help them focus for a couple of minutes for a short story, quick sing song or

a few action rhymes, we often position the chairs in a circle facing inwards then there is no 'ecape' :o We also have a

plastic 'ball bath' ring which clips together and they like to sit round the outside and dangle their feet in the middle while we

take a few minutes for a group activity! Hope this helps xD


Maybe section off a small area with screens if you have them in your setting (we use this when we play the 'sticky kids' CD

as they do tend to wander around the hall) :(



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Thanks for the replies, appreciate them. We do already do lots of the ideas mentioned, to be honest I think some of the staff are a bit...well just not as motivated and wanting to improve things as I am. Unfortunately the room leader is one of them, it makes things hard when I feel like I'm doing it all myself.


I had fun today, just took my four children off into our "quiet room", we listened to a sounds lotto tape with animal noises on and the children found the corresponding card with the animal photo's on. Then we all sang and signed Old Mac Donald.


I also put out some water in buckets with rollers and brushes outside and borrowed some of the planks and boxes from pre-school for them to balance on and build with.


I enjoyed it but the other staff seemed to think it was all too much effort.


Think I'm just feeling gloomy at the moment. Thanks again for the suggestions!


I'm going to make some bubble mixture tomorrow for outside and change our ordinary boring play dough for some nice smelling peppermint dough. (Just hope they don't eat it!)


I miss pre-school and the staff in pre-school :o


Thanks x

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