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Any member out there who has completed E215, guide me with some advice please.


Activity 5.17


The question for the second phase of your research is: What are parents’ perspectives on a child’s experience in my setting?


As part of your preparation I need to identify the key questions, to ask the parents in order to gain their perspective on the child’s experience in your setting.


example questions given are

. What do you think Diane feels about being at the nursery?

. What would be a good day for Diane at home?

. What do you think would be a good day for Diane at nursery?

. What do you think would be a bad day?


However these are similar to what I used earlier in the course, and at present within the setting I'm having to gather evidence from there are no SEN, EAL or minority groups which was the focus of the activity.


Does anyone have any further questions I could possible try or examples of how they went about conducting their reaserch when no minority groups attend the setting.

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