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does anyone have a short questionnaire that they send home for parents to fill in when the children's learning journals go home?

I have had only four parents (out of 25) write comments - there is a section on the learning journey form we use that is for parents to leave a comment but the parents are encouraged to add to the learning journal also. I think that a blank piece of paper is a bit scary to a parent so was thinking that a few questions about what they think about the long observations and the learning journal in general. What their child's current interests are. What their child seems to enjoy about Nursery?

Any ideas/examples?



Green Hippo xx

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It sounds as though you have a few good questions there already to make a start. Might it help to have parents 'stay and chat' when they return the files? We have 'Stay and Chat' and we write down the parent's comments.

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Within the Learning Journey package are two sheets, I think they are titled 'All about me' and 'all about my child'.

We put these two sheets, along with a leaflet called 'It's child's play' (www.direct.gov.uk/eyfs) which briefly explains to a parent the role of the eyfs and the part they play as parents. I ask each keyworker to introduce themselves to their key child's

parent, hand them the envelope and explain the importance of working together and feeding as much information

as they can from home. This has been working well since September and will continue to do this until I pick up any

other ideas along the way :o The sheets are also a good starting point with new children to the setting as you can

see the child's interests and the parents view too!



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we have tried sending questionaires home, and had the same problem. what i am thinking now, is that i can fill them in for the parents, either during or after an informal chat in the morning or at the end of the session.


as for the learning journey, we have only started using them since half term, so they are yet to be seen by the parents (we want to get them right first)

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