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i am currently trying to streamline our planning... it is a huge weekly job at present, and confusing to everyone that reads it!!


currently we have:


our long term plan (yearly including special events, themes, etc)


medium term plan (half-termly activity ideas, special events/celebrations/ areas of learning)


a basic provision rotation (role play area, messy area, outside, floor space)


the weekly plan (areas of development,adult initiated activities, language, etc)


staff deployment


key-person plans (half termly plans for individuals or small groups by key-person to focus on specific areas)


so as you can see it is a LOT!!!!!!!

i have been browsing the resources, and found lots of weekly plans i like the look of, my question is this:


would one document be good enough? or would i need a basic provision rotation, individual planning and the weekly plan??


i am hoping to get it all onto one sheet, so that the first person in knows what to get ready, what they are doing, and how they are doing it!! is that gonna be to much for one document??


thanks for any advice!!



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It depends whether you are talking A4 or A3 I suppose. I like the idea. At the moment we have a weekly plan which shows what we're doing, that's A4. It just shows the activities and any additional resources in the CP. It doesn't show any learning intentions though, they are on other sheets - I don't think there'd be any room for them there either. I'll have a think. Have you had a brainstorm with your staff to see if they've any thoughts?

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our long term planning is continuous provision sheets for each area (one sheet for each area indoors and out)


our medium term planning is one sheet per term listing themes/ festivals/activities listed per week


our short tem planning is done retrospective following what key workers have done with their children each week linking to the learning journeys


we also have staff deployment rota


do you do your planning alone? can you delegate some of the planning to other staff for ideas

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i am just worried that it is not understandable enough for ofsted!!


the other staff are happy to trial new things, and give assistance, we all plan for our individual key children anyway!


i am just looking to simplfy things i suppose!

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