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I started my degree in September and have felt a little overwhelmed with the work at times, but I too have results!!!


Now we were told to expect grades like a D or thereabouts (still a pass) at this point in the degree if we hadn't written in a while etc.


So I did 2 modules, and for the one got a C- (which I take it to be an average of the 4 marks for 4 pieces of work)


For the other there were 2 essays and I got C+ and C+/B


Work will be moderated a few times before I get a set grade.


Now at the outset I just wanted to pass!!!!!!!!!!


Once I got the grades.......... I was actually disappointed with one!!!!!!!!!!


Disappointed with the C- because one of the 4 grades there was a D.

I had felt this module work was easier than the other one made up of 2 essays.

Just shows what I know.



How did I get from just wanting to pass to diappointment when I did????????????????!!!!!!!!!


Anyway got to do the next 2 modules now and feel in a hole with the both currently.


So, thanks for listening!!!!!!!!!



oooooops now I notice I didn't even post this thread in the right place!!!!!! Sorry don't know how to move it to degree topics!

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Well done, great results. Your comments resonnate with me somewhat. I found my first module rather straightforward, and thought I was going to do really well (I got a C). The second module which I enjoyed but didnt understand as much as the first, this made me read, read, read! Like you I was only expecting a D ( a pass is a pass, was my attitude), however I was thrilled when I got a B-.


I spoke to my tutor about it and she explained that sometimes when our understanding is a bit fuzzy, we put more effort in, in order to clarify our understanding, which I did with the assignment that I got a B- on. She then went onto explain, that when we think we understand something really well and are more confident in writing the assignment we do less well, which happened to me in the first module when I got a C.


So now if I feel I am struggling during a module, I get quite excited, as I am now convinced in all the above and hopefully the proof will be in the marks. However I have just completed the child development module, which I loved and was facinated with the theory etc, I am feeling uber confident, which is now worrying me LOL.


Claire x

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My first year results were similar to yours and I improved as time went on...don't feel disapointed, you passed and that is the main thing...no-one ever asks what marks you get...enjoy the fact you PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :oxD:(:(:(


Also it takes a while to know what they want...you learn to adjust your writing to meet the criteria...just like Ofsted really!!

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Well done Scarlettangel!


I too was told to aim for a D at this stage - I got a C and a C/B - C overall!


Marked down as I'd used "Mum" and "Dad" which "although used by professionals isn't used in Academic writing" xD


Wish she'd told me that BEFORE I handed in my portfolio :o but I'll know for the next piece (due 5 April)



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I thought I would post my grades on here for anyone who is not going through OU (I assume the lettered grades apply to Open University)..

40% is needed for a pass with our uni so I'm not sure if this could be equated to a 'C' grade. So far, I have had one assignment marked, and I was very surprised to see I had 62% (which is a commendation). Like most, I only dared to pray that I had passed. I have handed my second one in last week and will have my fingers tightly crossed for that one too! :o

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You've done well by making a committment to undertake further education / professional development / study at degree level, so hey, don't be so hard on yourself, your results are worthy of congratulations because a study pass at this level alongside all else that your busy life entails is a great achievement.





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