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can you please help me my brains frazzled trying to meet deadlines

1. when ref EYFS principles into practice cards how do you ref in bib and assignment?

2. Helen bilton outdoor play is edited by her in bold letters but mentions countless others too Im paraphrasing from the intro whcih is Bilton do I have to mention all and sundrie in the bib and et al in ass.?

Many thanks


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Not sure about your second question but with the EYFS cards I recently used one or two in an assignment and I put card 2.4 or whatever it was rather than a page number.

I am pretty sure I linked this then to a reference in the book list regarding just the EYFS


Here (I think)


DEPARTMENT FOR CHILDREN, SCHOOLS AND FAMILIES (2008) The Early Years Foundation Stage Nottingham: DCSF


I am sure someone else will tell you how they did it!!


Good luck x

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This is how I did it for recent OU assignment:-

In text - Department for Children, Schools and Families, (DCSF), 2008, Principles into Practice Card No. 3.4. (Use the full name for the department the first time you mention it and thereafter you can use DCSF)


In the References at the end goes:- Department for Children, Schools and Families, (DCSF), 2008, The Early Years Foundation Stage: Principles into Practice Card No. 3.4, Nottingham, DCSF Publications.


I am aware that even amongst OU tutors there are differences in requirements for referencing but as long as the tutor can find what and where you are quoting from even the simplest form of referencing should keep them happy.


For your second one I would normally write 'et al' in the text and all of the names need to go in in the referencing section at the end, I'm afraid.


Good luck! :o

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many thanks x



If a book has two authors both names are used in the text and in the references

If there are more than two authors, the name of the first one followed by et .al. is used in the text but the names of all of them must be given in the references

Example: In writing, a word or phrase repeated in the same sentence does not always clarify meaning but can be the result of lapsed concentration (Collinson et .al. 1992)

The full reference would appear as follows Collinson, D., Kirkup, G., Kyd, R., Slocombe, L. (1992) Plain English (2nd ed). Buckingham: Open University Press.



Claire x

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