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Three years ago, i did the childminding course, so have no experience in the eyfs. (i did the course 3 yrs ago as i thought i would childmind straight away, but we moved house and i had a baby so didn't get around to starting it) I was going to childmind all ages, and have put that on my registration papers, which have been sent off now! But I have my ofstead inspection next Tuesday, and am still non the wiser re eyfs. Could i just mind kids 6 and over before and after school? Would it be ok to put leaflets thru doors staing that I could only look after over 6's? Would this put you off? I could also do the school holidays?

I could do the eyfs training in a year or so, my son is only 3 months old, so think it would be easier for now! Do i need to contact ofstead and let them know of my change of plan?


Also, Money, i wouldn't expect you all to tell me how much you all earn, but does this sound ok? please be honest, I don't mind.



Childcare Fees


Daytime Hourly Rate £3.50

Before & After School Hourly Rate (school run) £3.50

School Holidays if not attending - half fees to retain place

School holidays if attending Hourly Rate £3.50

Before 8am & After 6pm (unsociable hours) fees are charged at normal hourly rate plus half


Early drop offs and late collections will be charged for!!


Charges for absence


Due to child/parent illness FULL FEE

Due to childminders illness NO FEE

Parents occasional days without 2 weeks notice FULL FEE

Parents annual leave of 2 weeks with 2 weeks notice HALF FEES

Childminders annual leave of 2 weeks with 2 weeks notice NO FEES

Bank holidays if child attends DOUBLE FEES

Bank holidays if child not attending FULL FEE


Meals charges at £1.00 per meal

After school snack NO FEE


Fees are to be paid in advance at the beginning of each week/month in accordance with the contract.

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All sounds good, its good you have put in the retainer for holidays if they don't attend I used to charge an hourly rate for after school but then had alot of enquiries from people who only wanted me for 1 or 1 1/2 hours so I then started charging a after school session from when school finished to when I finished. I did still get people paying even though thy were only using an hour or two and sometimes like before christmas I would have the children up to when I finished so Mum could do some shopping etc.


About holidays/days off I used to charge no fee if I couldn't provide a service but if you are not getting paid it is arkward to take time off so now I get paid up to 20 days annuel leave at half fee, no fee if I am ill as this is short notice. If they are off for what ever reason they pay me full, I'm still avaible for them and can't fill a space for a few days at short notice. Don't know if that sounds harsh but like I say I have changed it over the years, most people get paid time off so why not us - you will need a well earn rest every now and then.


Definatly get payment upfront as much as you can. I always do a month now - got stung before with a mum who used to pay every monday morning cash then monday morning went to monday eveing then Tuesady morning then once went on to thursday with still no money then I never saw them again!! Its best if you can get parents to pay you through a bank transfer or with childcare vouchers.


About telling Ofsted if you are planning on caring for under 5's in the future you could just leave it but you will get asked about the EYFS even if you don't have any children at that age. I think though if you change your registraion to just have school age children you annuel fee goes to over £100 a year instead of £20.


I hope all goes well and tyour new career in Childminding and that you enjoy it as much as I have :o

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Your fees look fine!


Don't panic about EYFS, it's still new to everyone and I doubt Ofsted will expect you to have an in-depth knowledge before you even start!


Find out from your local childminding Network what support training is available - they should be able to provide pre-Ofsted support too.


Good Luck!



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Hello Carla


Just thought I would add that if you do need to do EYFS training it would only be either a half day/full day (not sure which of these it is). It's straightforward and quite simple to understand. Just like the stuff I was talking to you about before. It's worth doing though as it will be good for your CV and general understanding of EYFS.


Hope this helps!!!!!!!


Vicki :o

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I charge for a minimum 1 hour in the morning and 2 hours minimum in the evening, for school children.


I dont charge any school holiday fees as the children are term time only. If the child did want regular holiday care then I would charge normal fees even if they didnt use me, as they have booked the space.


I only charge no fee if I am unavailable to work, such as if I am ill or on holiday.

If the child is ill or on holiday, then usual fees are payable.


I usually tell parents of my holiday dates in January.

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Guest tinkywinky

Hi carla, don't panic about EYFS, since you are just starting out the ofsted inspector will be giving you some advice about training as long as you show willing you will be fine. Most parents dont know much about it either so they wont be grilling you either!!!! good luck

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