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Does anyone have an exciting mark making area they would like to share ideas of?


Ours is quite good but looking to develop it further. We already have:


Pens and pencils (all different kinds, with feathers, lights, etc)

Range of different sized and coloured paper

Book making things e.g. treasury tags, staplers, etc

Post office equipment - telephone, post box, forms, stampers, bag, etc.

Dry wipe boards and pens



Large wallpaper rolls



Any other ideas would be gladly welcomed.

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How about stickers? Scissors (you can get so many different zigzaggy ones!), shopping catalogues, gardening catalogues, hole punchers, and any of the stuff that you can get for scrapbooking. Although some of the things are expensive, you can get hold of bargain bundles of matching papers, ribbon, brads (split pins that are really pretty!), etc. If you google scrapbooking, you'll get loads of websites :o

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Don't forget different sized envelopes, and I have made stamps whcih they can stick on as well. Name cards, post-its, a display board, rulers, number strips and small alphabet and number mats for them to refer to. Don't forget that mark-making includes Maths as well as literacy items.

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