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Anyone got a behaviour support plan in place or one tha I could look at. I'd be very interested and gratefulxx :o

I have to say I've never seen one of these - we would just draw up an IEP I think.


Will be interested to see any examples that people feel able to share!



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Hi I've done a couple of behaviour support plans, one with the support of an eysenit. I'm not very good at downloading things, but basically you have to put on it what the child's good points are and then what the behaviour issue is with strateiges to help and then discuss with parents, I always get the parent to sign it to say that they accept what we are doing this is usually reviewed the following term.


Ours looks something like this


Child enjoys water, sand & sensory play they love dressing up and is good with numbers. They enjoy cuddling the other children, but this can lead to them biting or hitting. The child knows nrusery rules but will still throw sand at others.


When child throws sand/water she will be removed from the area with no eye contact or talking. If child hits, bites another child to remove her to chill out with no eye contact or talking when chill out finishes then talk about why it was unkind and to say sorry.


Hope this helps, it is similar to an IEP

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