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Plannning In Day Nursery


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how do you plan in your nursery?, we have the key worker system up and running now and each key worker plans for their individual children (each child therefore has a planning sheet), this is great because the planning really does relate to the child. needless to say though this can sometimes take some time.


is planning this way too much?, i am really unsure of what it is feasable to expect the staff to do. in the rooms with smaller ratio's (1:3, and 1:4) staff are finding the planning managable and useful, however in pre-school on the 1-8 ratio it takes a bit longer as one member of staff will have eight planning sheets to do. now these sheets are only short and literally state what we have noticed, how we will develop and then brief bulleted evaluation under EYFS terms on what we noticed, in this room especially, since children;s interests sometimes stay the same over days it may be that one child has one identified interest per week so the paperwork load can vary.


i love the fact that it is individual, but i don't want the staff to feel it is too much, when i ask them they all (bar pre-school) feel it is managable.



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