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Hello all,

do any of you have either experience of or knowledge of level 2 training? I'm finding it really difficult to access information about level 2 training for our cover staff, one of whom has playworker level 2 but needs to do his early years and another who has just finished her fine arts degree. they are both mid to late 20s. I mention this because we have a work experience student who, for some unknown reason, is doing his level 3! He's 18 and has no clue at all.

Our 2 cover staff, however, are more than capable practically; lots of common sense and some initiative.

I'd be happy for them to do the training remotely and can offer lots of support, but not financial support.

any ideas anyone?


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Some of my staff have been doing there nvq level three which has been funded and 'taught' by our LA. The same staff were also taken through their various childminding quals and nvq level 2. We are a charity and independant but we do have a lot of support from the LA, have you tried yours?

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