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Hi there,


been asked to write a report for the next governors meeting - anyone every wrote one of those before - what do i put in it?




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Aha, that depends upon what you've been asked to do!


Generally a summary of whatever area, plus evidence to back up stuff, how it fits in to the school development plan/performance manage ment/target setting or whatever.....impact and next steps.


Best to find out EXACTLY what they want first though.


good luck

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hi there,

I have just become a EY gov and have a few ideas for you. Find out which aspect of EY is part of the school dev plan for this year, then you can relate to that. Govs will have only an inkling of what the EYFS entails! They will be concerned about what their roles and responsibilities should be or are in connection to that.

Could you provide a summary of the EYFS, describe child initiated v teacher initiated, what the children get out of it? the best bits, the worst bits?areas you want to address next?

Invite them in for a visit, let them see all your good practice.

Have been a gov for many years , please remember they are there cos they are interested in your setting, not monsters !

Good luck


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Absolutely. Governors are described as your 'critical friend', but that doesn't mean they are meant to criticise you - just help you reflect critically on your own practice.


I was a Governor for 16 years and then Clerk to the Governors for a further 5. They should be really interested in your practice and the 'new' EYFS, so just talk them through the basic elements of it, and invite them to come and have a look - preferably only in ones or twos!

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