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Just in the process of dragging our reception setting out of the dark ages (started new at teh school in September) I've made a bid dent in the day to day stuff but now nneed to get cracking on the evaluation of provision, policy and RISK ASSESSMENT of the place.


After reading the EYFS guidelines i'm confussed do i really need to risk assess my provision even though we're part of a school if so what do i assess and what do i not. Having completed risk assessments for trips and week long camps the thought of trying to risk assess my classroom fills me with dred, where the hell do i start!!!


If anyone has copies of their setting that i could tweek to match my provision i would be eternally grateful or better still can someone tell me i've got hold of the wrong end of the stick and i'm covered by the school RA.





PS: Anyone got a FS example policy too? :o

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I'm pretty sure ours is a paragraph within our Health and Safety policy, a bit about the fact that we do overall ones, daily ones in case of changes and general non-written ones throughout the day as we assess levels of risk. We say how often the big ones are done, and by whom and how often they are checked etc

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