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Hi Leo,


We just did this for a while - we did some sequencing pictures from the story, but most fun was definitely making our role play area into the moon.


We found a huge sheet of giant bubble wrap to make the moon's surface, had baby bear's rocket, boots etc. but they got a bit bored of that so we got some large construction kit called Alti that was on loan from the treasure chest and made 'moon houses', which the children really loved. This is great for climbing/balancing on, which is a different emphasis for role/play area work I know, but made a fun change. It was just decorated with black drapes, stars and planets.


Can't think of what else we did at the moment!!! :o Long day at school.


Dianne xxx

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we had the children play the parts as reading the story - took turns, the home area became a spaceship, covered in bubble wrap. crepe etc, and had a tunnel to get in and out. Dressing up fire or police helmets were covered in foil as were welly boots for them to wear. boxes were used for controls etc.


We also went on a space picnic, pretending to walk on the moon before settling down on a surface of bubble wrap covered with old sheets - we dyed them grey. we ate space food! tasting things not usually eaten at break time including flying saucers, or plain rice paper & marshmallows. (i know not healthy eating - but this is not done everyday)


we provided lots of large carboard boxes for the children to play in allowing them to paint them or cover them with a variety of materials the shinier the better, and they then shared their space ships making up stories. ( we asked the local supermarket to save some for us to collect)


Alien masks - They loved these half a paper plate and add antena (pipe cleaners?)& paint or decorate brightly


Just a few ideas, have fun



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When I did this story with the older children at preschool last year, after I read the story I provided them with a box containing a bear, an owl,some wellies, a colander, some biscuits etc so that they could play with them and retell the story.


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Well, you're all at least as clever as me!!


The only other thing we did was have 'holey' things in the water tray with multi-coloured glitter in the water, talking about lunar/star dust and rain and how good would the various things be as helmets/hats. Oh, and individual moonscapes on sheets of card using items from our free access 'Design and Make' area.


Sue :o

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