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hope someone can give us some advice - in Reception we have a large outdoor area which has plenty of room to allow children to run around in. Some of our boys love playing football and 2 in particular would spend every day rain or shine on scooters - we were wondering whether though we should restrict the amount of time we allow them to do these activities as this is all they choose to do when they are not doing a focussed activity - we've intervened on occasions by setting up obstacle courses and football skills and we also realise the need to follow their interests and not change their activity to being adult directed- :o

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A little bit of adult led occasionally helps them see where they can take their play, into areas they may not have considered, such as the obstacle course you mentioned, and rules of the road type of thing.

I do know what you mean though, we have some children who seem locked into some play sometimes, and it's not even what you could describe as a schema - you feel you need to do something to open their eyes to the opportunities of experiencing more in their play.

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take them out with a load of junk modeling stuff, Large and small, and see if they can build their own scooters/goals.



How would a scooter be useful if i had something heavy to carry?


How else can I move the football round the playground?


Is it easier/harder to control with bigger/smaller balls (so to speak!?)


What can i carry on a scooter?


How far can i go with one push?


Can you play football with anything other than a ball?


would a scooter work without wheels/handlebars/foot place thingy (!)


What other things can make us go fast?


What happens when you scooter through water?


What happens when you play football in water?


Would a scooter make a good aeroplane/boat? Can i turn it into one?


How clean can I get the scooter?


What marks do scooters/balls make in mud?


can I paint a picture with a ball/scooter?


How would I make the scooter work if I was missing (name various body parts and try!


Can i control the ball with my eyes closed?


How many objects can I fit on the scooter and still go round and not drop any? Where can I put objects to carry on the scooter?


how many pushes can i count to go round the playground?


How many kicks to get round the play ground?




am I fed up of you giving me all these different things to do with scooters and footballs yet and shall I just play in the water tray?

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