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Hi all.

I'm a year 3 student (BA honours primary Education) and am placed in a reception class.

On Tuesday I'm doing a circle time about how we all have different preferences.

I was going to use a puppet (panda) as a focus and discuss how he is different to the children as a starting point e.g. what he likes to eat....but seeing as I'm using him for Numeracy I don't want to over use it. Any nice ideas?

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Is he your puppet? I often use the same cuddly toy or puppet for a range of things and the children get to know he's my 'special friend' and respond really well. You could introduce it by saying the name of the puppet is feeling sad because one of his friends said he was silly because he didn't like something. Is his friend right to say that - why, why not? What could we tell panda?


Using the puppet to get the children to empathise really works well.


Good luck

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