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Number sacks like story sacks but with different number rhymes, you can make these yourself or you can buy them will sort out a company for you all my info at work.

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unifix blocks or multilink blocks

number fans

number board games

number aprons

plastic 2d and 3 d shapes

number lines

software for the computer (RM maths)

magnetic money to use on whiteboard

geo boards and elastic bands

russian doll

threading beads

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Just ordered Numicon, sunds ideal for our chn.

Met a lovely lady - Mercia Lee - at Early Years Conference in Bham who was a Numeracy Consultant in Worcester. She has made lots of Maths Boxes - see website for photos. We've made a start but its going to take a while to get enough for our needs so we may need to buy some - suppliers details would be useful thanks Mimi.

Will have to look out for octogons and polydrons!



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Guest Tracey F

Elephants! - linking elephants, they come in 3 sizes and four or six colours - my kids love them!


Hope sell them - you can see them here

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I still can't find the link Magenta was pointing to, any help please???


Original post was made back in 2004!!!!!! Amazing how some topics get resurrected and then of course 8 years on the links don't work.


I wonder what the oldest ever resurrected post has been.....this one must be in contention :P

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