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Counting In 2s


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I am trying to plan ideas for my PSRN adult led activity next week and seem to be going round in circles and getting more confused - the help/ideas I've received on previous posts has been really useful.


We are doing jungle animals and on Monday I am planning to do a jungle expedition around the school grounds after reading Rumble in the Jungle. I am hoping to try and introduce the children to the concept of counting in 2s but am finding it tricky to know how to introduce the concept (I'm an NQT).


I was thinking of relating it to counting the dots on a leopard that we took a picture of on our expedition and maybe couting the ears of the monkey family. Also considered relating it to the song 'The animals came by two by two' but struggling to know how to structure the activity.


Any help/guidance/ideas would be gratefully received as having a real block and so many things flying round my mind, especially as I initially thought about looking at patterns on animals and not sure if this woudl be more suitable activity etc.


Thanks in anticipation,



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Can you do something on an orienteering type theme? Plant around your route pictures of animals and give the children a tally chart to mark animals they spot .Of course there will be 2 of each animal :o I see it going like this....


'oh look an elephant...oh and look there's another that make 2 elephants'

'I can see a lion in that grass and there's another one,... thats 2 lions and 2 elephants that means we've seen 4 animals'

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We did counting in 2s this week - lots of different ways in, we started by counting my socks on the washing line and talked about how we could count them in 2s because we knew there were 2 in each pair, then we talked about what other things would counting in 2s be useful for - I was thinking shoes, gloves, eyes... the children came up with armholes, trouser legs... so we counted those.


We also did the Islamic story of Nuh - similar to Christian story of Noah's ark - and talked about the pairs of animals, painted pictures of animal pairs, constructed our own ships for pairs of wild and farm animals to go in the water...


Also counting in 2s as a class, starting with whisper / shout counting to hear the pattern of counting in 2s.


Hope this is a little help!

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I have just joined the forum and I am a childminder. I would do a counting in twos activity by linking to the EYFS learning areas ;


starting with a snap card type game.( Problem solving SR and N )


Painting on one side of the paper and folding and printing to make butterfly shapes ( Creative development )


Hopscotch ( physical development )


Noahs Ark ( as suggested by another member )maybe a story book or a made up version by you with twos of each animal as props either cut out from magazines, drawn by the children, printed off from the internet or plastic animals (communication, language and Literacy )


I can't think of any more but if you keep it simple the children led part of the activities will probably inspire you to develop more activities.


Hope this helps.


I think I will use this idea as well!

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